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Ever since I was young I have always loved the idea of New Year’s Resolutions. Whether it was practicing my soccer skills or learning to do the splits, I knew that if I made a resolution I would stick to it. And while some people love making new resolutions/ goals, others find it outright silly. They say “why not start today” and “people fail at resolutions”. And honestly these people aren’t’ wrong. There is absolutely NOTHING that is stopping you from starting that new diet, working out more, or reading that book TODAY. You don’t need to wait until the first of the month, Monday, or next week. That being said there is something special about starting the year off with a goal oriented mindset.

While some people like to keep their resolutions to themselves, I believe in shouting them from the rooftops. When other people know that you have set a goal, you automatically have a network of people to hold you accountable. As 2019 approaches, I find myself more stoked than I have ever been. I’ve got a gut feeling that this year is going to be absolutely EPIC and I can’t wait to see just what I am capable of. I’ve made some “new year” resolutions but have been slowly easing myself into them over the past few weeks. This way I’m much more likely to stick with it come January first. So, without further ado, I’m proud to say that these are my 2019 New Year’s Resolutions.

-BE FULLY SELF-EMPLOYED BY THE END OF THE YEAR: While I’ve made many goals for the next year this one is at the top of my list. In a month and a half I will officially become a certified Holistic Health Coach and will start accepting clients. As I begin to pursue the path of entrepreneurship I’m realizing that I am possible of accomplishing whatever I dream of. I know that this path won’t be easy but I have no doubts that it will be worth it! Interested in working with me? Know someone who could use a health coach? Send me a message under “CONTACT” to set up an initial consultation.

-READ AT LEAST ONE BOOK PER MONTH: Reading to expand my mind. For the past few months I’ve made it a goal of mine to read more. When a dull moment arises it can be so easy to reach for our phones to fill the void. By making reading a priority, I’m expanding my mind rather than mindlessly scrolling.

-BE ABLE TO DO 10 PULL-UPS, HOLD A HANDSTAND, AND DO THE MIDDLE SPLITS: Plain and simple I enjoy a challenge. These past few years I’ve set many endurance challenges for myself; running 50 miles, completing a half Ironman, or climbing Mt. Rainier. But this year I’ve decided to switch it up a bit and challenge myself in different ways.

As much as I like to have a plan, I truly cannot predict the future. I have no idea where I’ll be this time next year. Where I’ll be living, whether I’ll have traveled to (hopefully Hawaii and Europe...stay tuned), or what my life will look like. But how exciting is that? The first few years after college have been filled with hardships, loan payments, and pondering what I want to do with this life. I used to be stressed about not majoring in something that was a career, but now I’m realizing how many doors it has opened for me. I’ve got a gut feeling this is going to be MY year and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.


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