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You may expect my freezer to be full of frozen banana, berries, and tubs of vegan ice cream. And while that may be true you’ll also find Costco bags of chicken breast’s and burgers. No I’m not eating meat but I do live with....carnivores. I know it may sound scary living with meat eaters but somehow I’ve managed to survive these past few years.

Since I stopped eating meat I’ve lived with meat eaters, vegetarians, and have even had roommates who dabbled in veganism. So why don’t I live with other vegans? I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again; I don’t think the content of someone’s character is defined by what’s on their plate. In fact I don’t have any close friends or family members who are vegan. 

I currently live with two incredible girls who eat meat but are incredibly respectful of my vegan lifestyle. Having meat or dairy products in or fridge doesn’t gross me out or bother me. I don’t have to cook, handle, or eat it so it’s fine by me. Even though they eat meat both of them will make vegan treats that way we can all enjoy them together (if either of you are reading this I hope you know how much I appreciate you)!

Living with others is always a unique experience. You have multiple people coming together; each with their own standards for cleanliness, cooking, sleep schedule, personal space...the list is endless.

Although veganism is a big part of my life I don’t let it dictate who I live with. Instead I choose to live with people who accept me for who I am, genuinely care about how my day is going, and always clean their dishes (bless you both). I’d rather live with meat eaters who support me than vegans who think they are superior because of their diet. 

While my family and friends may joke about veganism from time to time, I know that none of them would ever try and trick me into eating meat. I’m grateful to live where I do and that doesn’t change just because there is chicken in the freezer. Just a reminder that being vegan doesn’t make you superior in any way. Instead I use it as an opportunity to show others that you can be vegan and still eat cheap, delicious, and nourishing food without being protein deficient. So to all you vegans out there, don’t be afraid to live with a meat eater...I promise they don’t bite.


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