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The 2020 Presidential Election is tomorrow and much of our country, and this world, will be anxiously awaiting to see what happens. Whether you’re often an anxious person, or you’ve simply been living through the year that is 2020, odds are you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. How you choose to spend the next few days is entirely up to you. And if you are feeling anxious, as I know I sure am, perhaps trying some of the methods below will help you through this Election Day.

Move your body: Whether it’s doing some morning yoga, going for a midday run, or a brisk walk before sunset, moving our bodies is a great way to release stress. Do what feels best for you, whatever that may look like, and focus on being present in the moment, rather than worrying too much about the election results.

Limit screen time: Take some time today to decide how much media coverage you can handle. Ultimately, it’s up to you if you want to tune into election results the entire night or sporadically check it throughout the evening. There is no right way to go about this so figure out what will be best for you and your mental well-being. Remember that all of the votes will not be counted by Tuesday night. Stay informed but don’t be afraid to take time to watch a movie, read a book, or play a game the night of the election.

Meditate: Whether you already have a mediation practice, or you’ve never done it before, take time to be present with your breath. If you feel your anxiety building, acknowledge the emotions, and focus on taking long, slow, deep breaths. Listen to a guided meditation if you’re having trouble focusing. Taking ten conscious breaths is just as vital as taking ten minutes to meditate. Do what you can and don’t push off this practice until your anxiety becomes too much to handle.

Stop scrolling: You can guarantee that if you go online you will be bombarded by political posts. Everything from people stating their opinions to misleading news headlines, and live results. Endlessly scrolling and trolling isn’t going to help your election anxiety. Limit your app time for the day or choose to not open social media for the entire day.

Be prepared: Mentally prepare yourself for whatever outcome this election will bring. Understand that it is unlikely that we will know who the president is on November 3rd. Odds are this election is going to be more drawn out than in past years. Expect the unexpected and implement these tips not just on election day, but also in the days that follow.

How you spend Election Day is up to you. If you live somewhere that has in person voting and you haven’t already, GO VOTE! Every single vote counts and this election is perhaps the most important one of our lives. It is important to stay informed but watching the news for 48 hours straight isn’t going to be good for anyone’s mental health. Whatever the outcome may be, we are in this together.


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