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Ah sweet summertime; full of long days, sunny weather, and copious amounts of ice cream. Summer has always been a special time of year for me, not just because my birthday (June 21st) marks the first day of the season. However, I am well aware of how stressful summer can be for many people. And while you are going on vacation, spending time with friends, and soaking up the sun, it can be all too easy to let our healthy habits slip away.

For the past few months I have been traveling around Europe with my boyfriend Kenny. And as incredibly grateful I am to have this experience, I quickly realized how EASY it was to let my healthy habits die. Gelato on every corner, sharing rooms in hostels, and spending hours on trains meant that I needed to prioritize and create a way to stay healthy and happy. I am all for indulging and not being too strict when it comes to your routine BUT I also know that I personally feel so much better, energetic, and happy when I am able to incorporate a bit of routine into my hectic schedule. So, here are a few of my tips to help keep you on track while traveling around:

  1. PRIORITIZE: If you only take one piece of advice it would be this; prioritize what parts of your routine and healthy habits are the most important. The reality of travel is that you won’t be able to do EVERYTHING you normally do at home. For example, back home I have a pretty elaborate morning and night time routine. I find it quite easy to do these routines every single day when I am in my own space. However, travel is unpredictable and the likelihood of having time to do everything you do at home just isn’t feasible. My advice? Prioritize what few aspects of your daily life and simply non-negotiable. Maybe you need to stretch or do yoga in the morning, maybe you need to make sure you are meditating before breakfast. Whatever that is for YOU, stick with it. Once I stopped trying to do everything and focused on a few key elements to hold onto during my travels, I was able to feel more at ease, rather than stressing about everything I didn’t do that day.

  2. FLEXIBLE FITNESS: Time to roll out those yoga mats and get flexible my friends…well metaphorically speaking (that is unless you like doing yoga, then be all means do it!). When traveling it can be difficult to upkeep a regular fitness routine; you don’t know where to run/ where it is safe, can’t find a gym, or don’t have your at home equipment. I have found that it is best to embrace flexibility during these times. I find great joy in trail running and do so quite often at home. However, these past few months running trails have been hard to come by in a majority of the places we are visiting. Thus, rather than get frustrated or stressed about not being able to run, I’ve opted for going on hikes, walking around cities, or doing a workout online from my laptop. This way I am still being active and getting my sweat on, even if it doesn’t involve running through a forest.

  3. ONE MEAL ISN’T A WHOLE DAY: I find that my clients often find it hard to stay “on track” when they feel they mess up first thing in the morning. But I believe a “bad meal” doesn’t have to mean a bad day! Just because you skipped your morning routine or didn’t work out, doesn’t mean the whole day is a bust. Each meal, hour, and day is a chance to start new! One mishap should not derail the rest of your day OR the rest of your trip. Take some time each night to reflect on what went well and what didn’t, then make a plan for the following day.

  4. MORNINGS MATTER: Whether or not you are a morning person this time of day can be vital when you are traveling. The likelihood of having time in the evening is slim to none. You may not be sure when you’ll get back from adventuring or maybe you’ll be so busy all day that you simply won’t have the energy to work out when you get home…or maybe you just have a little too much wine with dinner that going for a run after is simply out of the question. Whatever it may be, it just goes to show how vital your morning time is. Make the most of those first few hours when you awaken and spend your time doing whatever it is you need in order to start your day off right.

  5. DON’T BE TOO STRICT: As much as morning routines, working out, and meditation may play a vital role in your well-being; it is important to not be too strict with yourself. The last thing you want is to get home from your trip or vacation and think “wow, I really missed out on so much because I was so worried about going for a run every morning”. Health plays a crucial role in each of our lives but it should not consume everything that we do. I’m not saying you should have gelato for every meal, but sometimes the healthier option involves straying a bit from your normal routine so you are able to fully enjoy the food, nature, and company of your trip. As long as you prioritize a few aspects of your daily routine that help you feel aligned and centered, you should still have plenty of time to enjoy your trip fully.

Remember that going on a trip is a gift that few of us are fortunate enough to have. And while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, it should not overshadow the experiences, people, or adventures this trip may offer. Remember to go easy on yourself, enjoy the moment, and figure out what simple routine works best for you.

If you’ve tried to establish a healthy lifestyle, stop over analyzing the food you are eating, gain confidence in making a lasting fitness routine, and tried to ditch your limiting beliefs, only to fail time and time again…well then YOU are in luck. This is EXACTLY the kind of struggles I coach my clients on. I work with women who say “enough is enough, I’m ready to finally reach my goals and feel confident in my body and lifestyle”. If you are feeling called to make these changes in your own life, I would truly love to chat with you and see if we are a good fit for one another. Click on “WORK WITH ME” at the top of this page to schedule a free introductory chat! It’s time to stop wishing and start accomplishing!

Much love, Marie


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