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I’m driving to the beach, feel the sun on skin, while Common Kings plays on the radio. I make it to the beach, sit down, and thoughts begin to run through my mind. My stomach isn’t very toned, my arms are big, oh goodness I don’t feel confident...all these other girls are in such good shape.

A few years ago these were the thoughts that ran through my mind when I was at the beach in a bikini. I wasn’t confident in my body and therefore wasn’t truly myself. This time around I love my body, just the way it is. Do I have the flattest stomach at the beach? Probably not and that is TOTALLY fine! I’ve realized that skinny doesn’t equate to healthy and having a few extra pounds doesn’t make you fat. My arms are bigger than they used to be but I’m a much stronger swimmer than I have even been. I don’t have defined abs but my body is strong enough to go run 10 miles and bike for 2 hours. 

Beauty is not measured by the way you look, but by how confident you are in your body. To me the most beautiful individuals are the ones who aren’t afraid to express who they truly are; not the Victoria’s secret models. 

From time to time we all have thoughts about our bodies. And I believe it is okay to want to strive to become the best version of ourselves. I am actively striving to become the best version of myself, but I also love myself throughout this entire journey. It becomes dangerous when we fixate on what we don’t have; when we place too much value on our outer appearance and forget to love ourselves along the way. 

We all have parts of our bodies that we want to improve, but this shouldn’t stop us from being confident in our bodies. We are SO much more than our bodies. They are simple the vessel that carry us through this magical life. 

I know that self-love is easier said than done. It is a daily practice that takes times and attention. At first acting confident and loving yourself may seem like an act. But overtime it becomes easier to understand just how important it is.

So as summer (and the time of wearing short shorts and swimsuits) approaches, remember that beauty is not measured by the size of your waste, but rather the confidence that radiates from loving yourself unconditionally. I look back on where I was a few years ago and think of how many experiences I missed out on by not being fully present in the moment. I spent a lot of time thinking about how I looked at what others thought of me. But now I realize how silly that train of thought is. I guarantee when you’re old and gray, you won’t remember how toned your abs were, but rather the experiences you shared with friends and family. Rock that swimsuit, act confident, and love yourself unconditionally.


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