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A B O U T   M E

Hello and welcome. I'm Marie Wilson; an Outdoor & Environmental Writer. My writing focuses on the intersection of sustainability, climate action and the outdoor industry. I work to make sustainability in the outdoors more accessible while also highlighting the environmental responsibility that comes with exploring the outdoors. When I am not writing, I am often trail running, biking or skiing. I currently resides in Bellingham, WA.

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My love for both writing and the outdoors began at a young age. Growing up in Washington, I spent a majority of my time exploring outside through hiking, skiing, and trail running. While in college I began learning more about the climate crisis and how it affected the outdoor industry. I was taken aback to discover that many unsustainable and unethical practices, such as fast fashion, were deeply embedded throughout the outdoor industry. My work as a writer aims to uncover these practices and elicit change within the industry.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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