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About two years ago I learned about health coaching. I was so intrigued and inspired that I decided to go ALL IN. I enrolled in a course, learned, grew, and didn’t look back. I began coaching women towards their health goals, attended business seminars, learned, coached more women, learned some more, and honestly had the time of my life.

So why am I suddenly pausing this side of my business?

Well I am firm believer in trusting my gut. I trusted it with health coaching and I’m doing it again now. For the past year I’ve had a nagging feeling, something that I couldn’t quite gain clarity on, until recently.

I have always been immensely passionate about sustainability and learning how I could make a positive impact when it came to the environment. Heck, the whole reason I started this website and blog was so that I could share these passions of mine with the world.

The other morning, I was reading a book called “Think & Grow Rich for Women: Using your Power to Create Success and Significance” and something really struck a chord. It talked about how in order to make our biggest impact we should never forget what our “burning desire” is.

I thought of times when I had been described (or would describe myself) as passionate, driven, focused, motivated…you get the picture. I thought about running ultras, when I started blogging, veganism, sustainability, and climate activism. It was as if the nagging feeling suddenly had a light shined right on it. I knew what my heart, soul, and intuition was trying to tell me.

I could be the most successful health coach in the world but I would still have this feeling. I needed to pursue my burning passion. I needed to begin taking steps to live a more sustainable life and pursue a career in environmentalism, sustainability, and climate action.

THIS IS MY BURNING PASSION and it always has been.

I am forever grateful for everything I have learned, how I have grown, and the relationships I have made over the last year and a half. Working 1-on-1 with clients has been an incredible experience that I will forever cherish but it is time to turn a new leaf.

I feel in my heart that pursing this path is the next step to take. And I suddenly don’t feel as scared for the future. If anything I feel excited, motivated, and inspired…and it feels goooood! I have countless ideas, projects, seminars, and so much more just bouncing around, ready to be listened to.

So, what exactly does this mean for Mindful Peaks? While I won’t be offering my coaching services in the future, I am going to finish up with the final round of ladies in Peak Health Program. And I want to ensure that all those who had hoped to join the program in the future or they didn’t have the funds, or the timing wasn’t right before, are given a final chance.

So, what can you expect from me from here on out?

Weekly blogs on sustainability and holistic living, bi-weekly newsletters, events, seminars and getting back to my roots; sharing my journey, knowledge, and experiences with all of you.

And as I apply for fellowship programs that LIGHT ME UP, I’m turning my focus to a few areas within the sustainability movement; particularly the intersectionality of sustainability and the outdoor industry. I’ll also be diving into everything from low-waste living to the slow fashion movement. Anything and everything that can help us all live more conscious lives.

All of this to say I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE! I’m ready to dive all in to this next adventure. Ready to step into the realm of climate activism and inspire others to do the same.

In the meantime, I hope you are able to make the most of this quarantine, staying healthy, talking to loved ones, and slowing down enough that you can finally hear your intuition.


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